Crafting a Bespoke Brand Presence for A General Contractor

Codex Studios refined the visual identity and web design for a luxury general contractor to unify the brand presence across the customer journey.


Transform NC




Unify the brand identity across channels and create a repeatable lead generation and social posting system.


A cohesive brand identity across web and social touchpoints highligting Transform NC’s “passion for the historic.”

Transform NC is a design-build general contractor serving Pinehurst, NC and the surrounding area. The company distinguishes itself through intentional design and craftsmanship that not only increases the value of the home but also the homeowner’s quality of life. In addition, Transform NC has a “passion for the historic” and creating beautiful spaces while preserving historic features.

Although Transform NC had developed a successful client base by posting professional photographs of completed builds, the company’s visual identity did not highlight the brand’s high-end, historic focus. The previous website contained language that described Transform NC in contrast to “low bidder” contractors. Transform NC partnered with Codex Studios to enhance the company’s web presence and bring more focus to the quality of their work.

Assessing the Current Identity

Codex Studios began by assessing the company’s existing branding collateral. Transform NC had a wordmark that had been  used for a few years. The existing logo featured a ball-peen hammer, which is traditionally associated with metalworking. The revised wordmark was set in a more historically-accurate rendering of Bodoni, which is a typeface associated with luxury brands. In addition, the hammer was converted to a classic carpenter’s clawhammer.

Establishing a Typographic Voice

Transform NC makes a point of using the most technologically-advanced building materials available. Futura was chosen as a secondary typeface because of its geometric properties and modern connotations. Together, Bodoni and Futura  capture Transform NC’s ability to incorporate modern materials and detailing into luxurious spaces. For body copy, P22 Stickley Pro was chosen as a nod to classic book typography.

Creating a Rejuvenating Color Palette

Purple—a color typically associated with surprise and whimsy—was used extensively on the previous website. Interviews with the client revealed that the company focused heavily on making homes relaxing and beautiful for the homeowner. A new color palette was developed with natural tones that reflect water, plants, earth, and stone—substances that evoke life and restoration. On the website, color is used sparingly to enable the photographs of completed builds to stand out.

Highlighting Completed Builds

The Transform website received a complete redesign that put the company’s extensive photographic portfolio to work. Each project features a gallery view of context and detail shots that show the beauty of and attention to detail in Transform NC’s work.

Streamlining Customer Contact

Providing a clear avenue for customer contact is essential for every website. Transform NC provides a variety of construction services within its scope of design-build, including design consultations, new builds, and remodels. The previous website included two different contact forms: one for new construction and another for remodels. There was an opportunity to streamline the customer contact experience by creating a single form that would serve all customers.

Two forms were condensed into one—simplifying the customer contact process.
Typeform supports multiple question tracks based on the project type.

Codex Studios implemented a custom Typeform as the solution for customer contact. One form asks specific questions based on the customer’s project. At the beginning of the form, the customer is asked whether they are inquiring about a remodel, build, or consultation. The following questions change based on their initial selection so they only have to answer the questions relevant to their project.

Providing a straightforward method for customer contact was just one part of the solution—Transform NC also needed a system for prioritizing jobs and managing its customer pipeline. The company had been using HoneyBook for this purpose, but the system was inflexible and geared toward other industries. To provide more flexibility in assessing jobs, Codex Studios created an Airtable database that immediately collected all responses from the lead capture Typeform. With the data in Airtable, jobs can be viewed according to contact date, type, budget, immediacy or any other factor.

Codex Studios produced a guide based on Transform NC’s expertise that describes the key factors to consider when choosing and working with a general contractor. The guide is sent out to prospective customers to educate them on the remodel process and to help them choose the best contractor for their particular project.

Curating Social Posting

Transform NC uses Instagram as a primary channel for attracting customers and solidifying the company’s reputation. By posting photos of in-progress projects and complete builds, the company shows its dedication to high-end craftsmanship. Codex Studios produced short behind-the-scenes and testimonial videos to show the work that goes into a quality build.

In addition, Codex Studios designed and delivered posting templates that Transform NC can use to create posts that are on-brand with respect to typography and color. Templated posts enabled the client to take greater ownership over their social posts while ensuring the resulting feed feels consistent with other brand touchpoints.

Transform NC has set itself apart by building trust with homeowners and providing quality builds. Codex Studios helped translate the brand’s personality into a range of touchpoints to help the company present a unified identity. In addition, by implementing systems that streamline lead generation and assessment, the company has the tools to deepen customer relationships while increasing its level of customer service.

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