About Us

Codex Studios is a branding and communications agency. We help small businesses, organizations, and content creators tell real stories that resonate with real people. We do this primarily through two avenues: narrative design and content production.

Narrative Design

People love great stories—it’s part of human nature. We believe every business has a story, and we help our clients design narratives that inspire trust.

Content Production

We create and produce on-brand content for clients, which includes web design, copywriting, podcast production, print design, social media, and more.

Our Values

People Come First

Everything that we do—from websites to hardware installs to writing copy for an email—affects real people. Technology is wonderful, but only if it actually serves people. That’s why we always start our projects by considering about the people involved, and then we design solutions that will serve them best.

Voracious Curiosity

Curiosity propels us to ask important questions and seek better and better solutions. We love learning about our clients’ businesses, challenges, and dreams so we can help them challenge the status quo. We’re not afraid to ask the seemingly obvious questions, and we’re humble enough to admit when we don’t know the answers. And when we don’t know something we conduct the necessary research find out.

Design for Longevity

Good design lasts. In a world that prizes the new and the trendy, we choose timelessness. We believe in crafting intentional strategies and solutions that stand the test of time. We’re always looking ahead to the future so we can help you make the best decisions for tomorrow, today.

Honesty Never Goes Out of Style

Telling the truth is great business. When you tell the truth, your customers respect and trust you. It also turns out that they’re more forgiving of your mistakes. That’s why we work hard to help you amplify the most authentic and impactful aspects of your brand.

Building Sustainable Processes

A great process makes great work possible. Whenever possible, we seek to create and implement processes that streamline work, eliminate inefficiencies, and deliver exceptional results. 

About the Owner

Joshua Callandret is a multi-disciplinary designer and writer with a passion for thoughtful design and clear communication. He is the owner of Codex Studios, a branding and marketing agency based in Moore County, North Carolina.

He earned his B.F.A. in Writing from the Savannah College of Art and Design. He was previously the Associate Director for eLearning Development at SCAD where he developed 50 online courses in diverse fields including graphic design, industrial design, motion graphics design, animation, photography, and creative business development.

Joshua has also lead design and content creation efforts with cross-functional teams composed of writers, graphic designers, videographers, and media designers. He brings a clear understanding of creative facilitation as well as how to create dynamic content experiences that leverage the unique affordances of both digital and physical interactions.